Brief essay on valcanoes

Principal types of volcanoes

Hot lava flows on the sides. Very soon the country side becomes buried under the debris.

Essay on Volcanoes | Geology

The sides of the vent rise up forming a cone shaped mound. In the course of years, the cone rises high up until we see a cone shaped mountain towering over the plain.

At the top is a wide funnel shaped crater with a gaping hole in the centre. Sometimes the hole becomes plugged with its own lava. Then the volcano breaks the rock nearby and creates another crater. Thus hundreds of volcanic mountains have been formed in many parts of the world. They can be easily distinguished from the conical shape and smooth sides.

Disaster preparedness: Volcanic eruptions | Habitat for Humanity

When a volcano remains inactive it is said to be dormant. When all activities cease, it is said to be dead or extinct.

Introduction to Volcanoes

Volcanoes can cause a great amount of property damage as well as the loss of many lives, including both people and animals. In ancient times, people thought of volcanoes as mysterious, and they were very superstitious about them.

Volcanic eruptions

Today, even with the tremendous advances in all the sciences, people still ask many questions about volcanoes that continue to be unanswered. However, it is believed that when we have learned more about volcanoes and their terrific power we may be able to find it to be a benefit of humanity.

The great clouds of gases, vapor, and ash particles are the most noticable features of the explosive eruption of a volcano. The eruption cloud may be luminous or dark, depending on whether it is incandescent and whether it contains a small or large amount of ash particles. From a distance, the fiery and smoky appearances with the red glow of the lava escaping from the crater beneath can give an image of a burning mountain.

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If you are outdoors: Seek shelter indoors immediately. Avoid low-lying areas and streams. If caught in a rock fall, roll into a ball to protect your head. Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants and if necessary, along with goggles and a mask.


Remain inside your home until officials declare it is safe to leave. Inspect your home: Check for damage to walls, the roof, the foundation, the electrical system and water lines. Notify your insurance company if your home is damaged.