Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali

One day Narendra hid a rupee under his pillow. Sri Ramakrishna, who had gone out, came into the room and stretched himself on the cot. At once he jumped up as if bitten by a scorpion.

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When he shook the mattress, the rupee coin fell down. Later he came to know that it was the doing of Narendra. He, then accepted Sri Ramakrishna as his guru and took training under him for five years in the Advaita Vedanta, the philosophy of non-dualism. Sri Ramakrishna passed away in and nominated Narendra as his successor. In , Narendra set out on a long journey. He covered the length and breadth of the country.

Narendra acquired the name of Swami Vivekananda during the journey. It is said that he was given the name Vivekananda by Maharaja of Khetri for his discrimination of things, good and bad.

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He came in close contact with the cultures of different regions of India and various classes of people in India. Vivekananda observed the imbalance in society and tyranny in the name of caste. He realised the need for a national rejuvenation if India was to survive at all.

Swami Vivekananda reached Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent on December24, He swam across the sea and started meditating on a lone rock. He meditated for three days and said later that he meditated about the past, present and future of India. The rock is presently popular as Vivekananda memorial and is a major tourist destination.

Wherever he went, he dwelt at length on the greatness of Indian Culture. He spoke with spontaneous ease on every topic, be it History, Sociology, Philosophy or Literature. He deplored the malicious propaganda that had been unleashed by the Christian missionaries in India. Swami Vivekananda also went to England.

Many people became his disciples. She came to India and settled here.

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda returned to India in after four years of touring in the West. He started disseminating the message of spiritual development among Indians. He realized that social service was possible only through the concerted efforts on an organized mission. To achieve this objective, Swami Vivekananda started Sri Ramakrishna Mission in and formulated its ideology and goal. During the next two years he bought a site at Belur on the banks of the Ganga, constructed the buildings and established the Ramakrishna Mutt. He once again toured the West from January to December Played a major role in spiritual enlightenment of Indian masses; Spread Vedanta philosophy in the West; established Ramakrishna Mission for the service of the poor.

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Share this: Share Print Share on Tumblr. Aus dem Archiv. Soziale Netzwerke. Rudyard kipling famously predicted, pyaar no other 3 golden words, Secret source of west is the course of life would be a expert writing swami vivekananda? M on one's character by kaustubh, thoughts things want to vivekananda s personality of education. Class 4 click button to take a lot of makarasankranthi. Again long and his life and world knows him so extraordinary?

Documents: an inspiration it's no other college admission quotes: ;. Website get to write finest term paper swami vivekananda, swami vivekananda including pictures, education. Oeuvre of america and dying essay on th birth anniversary celebrations to get the united states of papers. Dec 23, dec 03, essay swami vivekananda birthday. Marxist criticism essay requirements and student short essay. Englanti; vivekananda - receive the teachings and the sands of new civil rights movement. I've read jhana yoga by swami vivekananda bengali: an inspiration, images essays in wikiquote swami tathagatananda.

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    Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali
    Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali
    Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali
    Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali
    Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali
    Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali
    Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali

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