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This project planning tool is entirely web-based. Due to this, it is accessible by teams to access from anywhere at any time. A good feature of Project Insight is that is customizable allowing users to create custom fields, items and workflows. Users can also customize form labels with a preferred theme without additional coding. Here are key project planning features you can avail with Project Insight:. Project insight comes with a Free, Business and Enterprise plan.

Hansoft is an agile project management tool that facilitates teams for both short-term and long-term projects. It has a swift user interface that can be altered to expedite workflows and processes. It also provides a single backlog for users to assess, prioritize and customize other entities.

The great thing about this tool is that you can adopt a single method or combine two or more project management approaches for your project. Hansoft makes project planning easier with the following characteristics:.

Hansoft offers a Free and Paid plan. Although each stage of project management holds significant value, it is the planning phase that actually lays down the foundation for the project being built ahead. This stage plays a critical role in helping teams, project managers as well as stakeholders through other project phases. Through project planning, teams can identify goals, assess and mitigate risks, reduce chances of missed deadlines that in turn lead towards timely and efficient project delivery.

However, seemingly small inefficiencies in project planning can snowball into extraordinary large problems in later stages that can ultimately affect the overall project and team performance. In essence, the project planning phase incorporates all the steps that define the objective, scope and the activities a project incorporates. The team prioritizes the project, calculates a budget and schedule and determines the resources required.

The lack of effective project planning can incur high costs on projects and organizations.

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According to Stricker, some of the common activities included in the planning stage comprise:. What are some of your favorite project planning tools?

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See responses Discover Medium. Learn more. Manage my business. Microsoft Team. While on-premises project management tools have their place, cloud-based software comes with a plethora of benefits, including the following: Lower upfront cost. When you use on-premises project management software, you have to pay for a number of items, including software license investments, server hardware, IT staff for support, lengthy deployments and more.

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Alternately, a cloud-based solution typically only requires a monthly or annual fee. More secure than ever. Despite what many business executives have believed in the past, the cloud offers just as much security as on-premises solutions—the company simply does not control the physical servers. Connected team. Even when workers are separated by miles, they can feel part of a cohesive unit with a cloud-based solution. Because everyone receives to-the-minute updates, no one relevant to the project is accidentally left out of the conversation. Furthermore, conversations can be conducted in the project space instead of via email and stored for future reference.

Increased productivity.

Top 6 Project Planning Tools Every Project Manager Must Have

Thanks to a centralized location where all project summaries, tasks, documents, newsfeeds and calendars are kept, cloud-based project management solutions can save time. And when time is saved, productivity can increase. In addition, a centralized location allows team members to access project documents in real time wherever they are located. Real-time communication.

The Best Project Scheduling Software

This can also increase productivity because it lowers the instances of work that needs to be redone. Up-to-date, data-driven decisions.

Thanks to the fact cloud-based software is instantaneously updated, you have the necessary information at your fingertips. In addition, most tools will have built-in reports to bring you the insights you need to make business-related decisions. Simplified IT. When you use on-premises project management software, you are typically responsible for server maintenance, which requires the attention of internal IT personnel.

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