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Your main aim here is to introduce the paper and its topic to the reader. You should provide sufficient details to enable the reader grasp the main information of the essay. The research question and the main aspects of the discussion section should be clear as well. When writing an extended essay, do not forget that it differs from a simple essay in that the former should contain a clearly formulated research question.

The research question represents the central idea the paper revolves around. To be successful in writing, always remember that you should choose a narrow topic to explore.

When you choose a too broad one, you will probably have difficulties in structuring your paper well. On the contrary, when you choose a specific topic, you will be able to explore it in detail and provide only relevant information. Therefore, it is really important to clearly formulate the research question and make it clear what exactly you will investigate in the paper.

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As an extended essay comprises more or less 4, words, introduction is a really important part of the paper as it provides the main details on the focus of the paper. Moreover, it can be inferred from the introduction how well the research question is formulated, whether relevant information is presented, and whether the paper is logically structured.

Simply formulating a research question is actually not enough — you should also state WHY you explore the issue of your choice unless the topic was assigned for you by the professor. Having a research question does not mean that a thesis statement is unnecessary. The latter is an inseparable part of any introduction — it is a backbone of your paper that briefly conveys the message of what your paper is about.

Usually, a thesis is placed at the end of the introduction. It represents the position you take in exploring the topic. Remember to refer to and defend the arguments mentioned in the thesis statement in the body of research. When you have completed the introductory part, it is high time you moved on with the other sections. The sections you need to include into the main body depend on your major and the instructions you got. However, there are some general standards of how you should organize the paper:. Actually, there are numerous variants of how you can organize your main body — it all depends on the requirements you get, so, in any case, you have to follow them.

The only thing you should be sure about is that you must clearly state your research question, thesis statement, provide solid argumentation and support it with ample evidence. The sources you use should be credible and the arguments should be convincing. Mostly, in essay writing, you are supposed not only to present well-grounded research but also to provide your own opinion on the research. Therefore, you should apply your critical and analytical skills. In conclusion, you should summarize the main ideas expressed in the paper remember to make the conclusions in different words from the main body layout.

Besides, you should restate the thesis statement and focus more on the logical explanation how it was proved throughout the paper. Therefore, provide more focus on the outcome of the paper.

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If you have some recommendations or questions that are left after the research, mention them as well. You should demonstrate your ability to make logical conclusions. Never introduce any new ideas in the conclusion. If you need some more visual representation of data in your paper, make sure you place and format it correctly. There are specific rules for adding charts, graphs, and illustrations depending on the format of the paper. Therefore, please make sure you check on the main formatting rules.

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Keep in mind that all the illustrations and graphs that you include need to be explained. Usually, appendices include those illustrations, charts or graphs that are not normally placed within the main body. You may explain the figures or tables in text, but then provide corresponding references in text e. In any extended essay, it is obligatory to use outside sources to support your arguments. The sources you use should be properly cited depending on the style you should adhere to.

Therefore, pay attention whether you have to follow author-date or author-page style, whether you should use footnotes, endnotes or citations in parentheses. Remember that all the sources you have provided in the reference list should be cited in text. As a rule, the minimum number of sources you should use in an extended essay is fifteen.

If it is a history paper, the reference list should comprise approximately entries. Sources and Word Limit. Title Page 2. Contents Page 3. Abstract 4.

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  4. Introduction 5. Body of the Essay 6. Conclusion 7. References, Bibliography and Appendices. Extended Essay Choosing a research question, finding sources, writing the essay, examples. The extended essay is a piece of personal research into a topic of your choice which has to be presented like a formal research paper with around 4, words. The extended essay in history gives students the opportunity to undertake in-depth research in an area of history of genuine interest to them.

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    The EE is concluded with a short interview, or viva voce , with your supervising teacher. The essay is then externally marked out of 36 and given a grade from A-E. This is combined with your ToK grade to give an overall points score out of 3. Your extended essay in history should include the following elements: Title Page Abstract Contents Page Int roduction Body of the essay - divided into chapters Conclusion References and Bibliography Appendices.

    Below is some more detailed information about what to do next. Follow the steps and ask your essay supervisor for help. It can be related to a topic studied in class.

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    Look at these examples of how questions have been derived from topics: Topic - Non-Intervention in the Spanish Civil War Question - Why did Britain pursue a policy of non-intervention in the Spanish Civil War during ? Start looking for sources as soon as you have identified the topic you are interested in. You will need about 20 different sources including primary and secondary sources, books and articles by historians and websites. Try to gather a range of different types of sources. Think about what you are trying to find out from each source before reading it.

    Categorise your notes thematically and sort it chronologically. Once you have finished with your preliminary research, download and complete the EE Proposal Form. Once your proposal has been accepted, you can begin writing your EE. Tackle each section at a time. Download and use this Mark Scheme to help make sure you are hitting full marks. How decisive was Spain's contribution to the outcome of World War Two? To what extent was the British victory against the communists during the Malayan Emergency due mainly to the actions of the High Commissioner, General Templer?

    To what extent was World War Two a catalyst for British decolonisation? How far did Nietzsche's ideas influence the Third Reich?

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    How and why do Historical sources disagree about the life and career of Bonnie Parker? Try to identify a selection of primary, secondary and online sources for your EE. Guide to Online Primary Sources - Excellent database of links to primary evidence collections all online and covering various areas of world history. Amazon Booksearch Google Booksearch. For reference, have a look at some of the excellent EE's completed by students at the International School of Toulouse from www.

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