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If you don't understand something, ask. Chances are, others in the class don't understand either. If the prof is unable to assist you, they should be able to do so after class or during office hours. If you don't ask and as a result you do not understand, that's YOUR fault, not the prof's. If you think the professor has made an error, politely point it out during class. Profs are human. It is easier for them to correct a mistake and set the learning back on track at the same time rather than having to wait until next class. If you are wrong about the mistake, the prof should indicate why the item is correct.

If the prof is rude when you have been polite, that's their fault, but you should make sure your education comes first. This also means that you should certainly NOT be talking when inappropriate, such as during a lecture. Don't interrupt other students just because you're bored. If you are registered as a full time student, it is your responsibility to BE a full time student. Your job and your social engagements come second.

If you have to decide between completing an assignment or going to work, the decision should favour the assignment. Your job's schedule should be sacrificed to your academic schedule. The only exception to these things is if you cannot pay for the post-secondary education without the job.

This means that you need the money from the job to pay for food, lodging, books, equipment, and tuition. If your job money is funding social or leisure activities, it is extra.

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If you do need to work to stay in school, the university should be able to assist you in creating a schedule that fits around your job. You may not be able to be a full-time student. There are also often funds available to poor students, particularly in socially responsible countries such as Canada.

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It is your duty to seek this help out, not your prof's duty. If you become ill, it is your responsibility to catch up on instruction you have missed. If you are ill enough to not go to class, you are ill enough to see a doctor and obtain a note proving that you were that ill, or to have proof of an ongoing condition like migraines.

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The prof should be helpful if you need to catch up, but it is your responsibility to go and see them and get that help. It is your responsibility to provide proof that you were ill. It is not their duty to take your word for it. To do all readings, research, and assignments on an appropriate schedule. If you leave an essay to the last night and fall ill, it is not the prof's duty to give you an extension unless you can prove that you had done most of the work already.

You should also have the doctor's note for this. If you suffer from an ongoing condition, it is entirely your responsibility to build in enough buffer time around that. If you leave research so late that all the good materials are unavailable from the library, this is not the professor's fault.

You do not deserve an extension on a deadline for this. If, however, you can demonstrate that you were on a waiting list for the library item for the duration of the semester and still did not get it, alert the professor to the problem before the deadline. If you take a holiday and fall behind, you do not deserve extensions. To plan non-academic events around the academic schedule. If you know when the exam is scheduled or during what week it is likely to be scheduled and you book plane tickets home in such a way that conflicts with the exam, that's your problem.

The prof should not give you a means around it, regardless of how much money you spent. To ensure that you comply with assignment specifics, and ask for help if you are not sure. To inform the professor if you have a special need or emergency as soon as possible. The domains of teacher responsibility outlined in this evaluation tool are: Planning and Preparation, The Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities.

Within each of the 4 domains, there are descriptive elements exemplifying the characteristics of the. The face of education has changed significantly over time. Students, whether in high school or college, used to go sit in class with a teacher and other students. Decades ago, sitting in a classroom for learning was the only option. The accessibility of classes has changed drastically since then. Technology advances have dramatically changed how students learn, and allows for many different options of how to attend classes.

Students now have the option to take classes online from the privacy of their. Do you claim your education while you are inside and outside of the classroom or are you a student who only receives? Adrianne Rich wrote a great speech for the convocation at Douglas College in She directs the speech to the women and the teachers of the college.

The things she says though do not only apply to females. It applies to everybody of every race.

Rich makes several great points on education in her speech and I agree with most of her thoughts. In her speech she talks about the students. Lesson plans and structures will be implemented and will be catered for each learner; they will include teaching methods and techniques, assessments and targets. Teachers have policies, procedures and regulations to adhere to and within organisations will have to take into consideration budgets and resources.

As a teaching assistant it is my responsibility to support the teacher in the planning. Any printed matter In India, there are various cultures This word creates a lot of happiness in the hearts of students and children. Summer season is the hottest season of the Essay of Social Reformers of India and their Contributions - Social Reformers A person who having the qualities of the humanity and mankind; a person who having the ability to change the existing state for It can be called better not best..

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Essay on responsibility of a student
Essay on responsibility of a student
Essay on responsibility of a student
Essay on responsibility of a student
Essay on responsibility of a student
Essay on responsibility of a student
Essay on responsibility of a student
Essay on responsibility of a student

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