Individual in society essay

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Educated people always believe in fair practices.

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They behave ethically in all fields of life. Education transform a person and makes him more balance and calm.

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An educated person is balanced physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. An educated person has broader perspective towards life. He does not waste his life into little details. Education truly improves the future of an individual.

Individuals Vs. Society Essay

He earns his living with the help of his skill and knowledge. An educated person is a logical person who thinks widely and for all. He has no self-fish interest and do not promote unnecessary wastage. He knows how to increase and maintain the supply. Education teaches a person to preserve the natural environment, educated people believe in living in a clean and hygiene environment.

They do not make their environment dirty by throwing trash everywhere. Many places we see people blindly following traditional customs, these traditional age old customs are harmful for society, practice of such custom can never lead mankind towards development. For example earlier Sati system, Child remarriage was followed blindly, it was only because of educated people, India could successfully get rid of these harmful custom.

Individuals and Society Essay - Words

Education helps us to understand that change is the law of nature. Nothing remains stagnant. Thus with time one have to change to achieve progress and development. Education is the reason behind the faster development of science a technology.

Construction of roads, bridges, big buildings, new technology, advanced modes of transport etc. Education helps in development of system that maintains ecological balance. It discourage unnecessary wastage and helps in maintaining equality between the supply and demand. Education promotes equality and wellness. Men and women deserve equal opportunity in all aspect.

Education helps individual to fight for their right and eradicate inequality and poverty. For Instance, these platforms provide a unique opportunity to let the people know about different cultures. Another significant advantage of such site is that they make people raise their voices for their rights, views, and opinions.

If we take a look at the flip side of the coin, such easy access to these digital platforms on the workplaces can hamper the productivity of the employees of the organizations.

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Such distractions can interfere the dedication level of the employees towards the company. Also, people may get engaged in the virtual world so much that this has caused people to become more antisocial than ever before. According to renowned medical experts, such sites create stress attack among people who tend to use such sites excessively.

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    individual in society essay Individual in society essay
    individual in society essay Individual in society essay
    individual in society essay Individual in society essay
    individual in society essay Individual in society essay
    individual in society essay Individual in society essay
    individual in society essay Individual in society essay
    individual in society essay Individual in society essay

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