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She gives us a understanding of each member of her family and how they reacted the grieving process. She is a 14 year-old girl and even though she can analyze what happens to those she loves, she has a difficult time accepting her own death and moving on to Heaven.

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Harvey the antagonist…. Grief Loss, Grieving, and Death Abstract This paper will explore the dying bill of rights, physical signs and symptoms of impending death, stages of grief, nursing diagnosis and interventions during palliative care, developmental perceptions of death, special needs of the family and client during palliative care, and appropriate nursing interventions during postmortem care.

The primary function in nursing is to have the knowledge and ability to care for the patient and family during palliative….

A home where an individual feels secure and friends who accept them are paramount in forming a sense of self. Both of these texts provide an insight into the factor that inclusion and exclusion are in shaping an identity. A home and family provide the basis upon which an individual….

But here Susie shows that horror cannot be contained and she uses a simile to compare horror to a flower and to the sun. It means when the sun is out it cannot be captured or contained. The novel shows how many of the characters feel trapped and one of them is Susie. Susie is the main focus of this novel. Davis 1 Braylin Davis Mrs. Throughout the novel you begin to sympathize and understand who Susie Salmon was.

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Through laughs and sorrow you begin to recognize major themes that help convey the story of this novel. However, out of the numerous themes in the novel isolation is the most prominent. Both of these poems deal with the subject of physical loss, as both protagonists of these poems experience accidental amputation. They do this successfully…. Login Join.

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Open Document. Through the voice of Susie Salmon, the fourteen-year-old narrator of the novel, readers get an in-depth look at the grieving process. Susie focuses more on the aftermath and effects of her murder and rape on her family rather than on the event itself. She watches her parents and sister move through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. However, Alice Sebold makes clear that these categories do not necessarily remain rigid and that individuals deal with grief in various ways.

For example, Abigail, Susie's mother, withdraws from her living children, …show more content… While Susie's death also hastens Lindsey's loss of innocence, it does so less dramatically. Although Lindsey understands that her world is not particularly safe, that bad people exist and that these people do bad things, she still participates in the normal rituals of growing up. Like many teenage girls, Lindsey experiments with makeup and with finding a style that suits her. She experiences a tender first kiss with Samuel, and they move slowly through the rituals of courtship.

He is angry and sad especially since he feels very alone. Gertrude seems to have moved on fairly quickly after the death of King Hamlet, showing no emotion or grief for her late husband. Here Claudius reveals how arrogant and deceiving he really is. Contrarily, Ophelia has strong emotions after the death of her father Polonius; she goes mad. Ophelia is weak and cannot cope with the thought of no longer having a male authority to guide her life. They felt they would probably never get over her death, and is one of the most tragic experiences of their life.

The Lovely Bones builds its plot through the grieving of each character. Susie, the deceased, along with her friends and family, all suffer because of her traumatic death. In the novel they learn to cope with these circumstances. Abigail shows her consideration for how everyone is feeling which is why she explained that she ran home.

Her loved ones are emotionally torn apart as everyone is very fragile and broken. Both men are vain, selfish, and long for power and control. They are both villainous characters who fake their grief. They merely pretend to be affected by the loss of Hamlet and of Susie. When Mr. These emotions could have been avoided without the unfair murders of both King Hamlet and Susie.

The experience of such betrayal, from his own brother, is shocking. Hamlet feeling so poorly begins questioning life itself and its initial purpose. He is in a very confused, frustrated and in a sad state of mind. He understands it is unfair, however realizes that death is inevitable. There is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. The readiness is all.

The Lovely Bones Essay

Hamlet has a hard time dealing with the death of his father and enters a state of deep depression. Overall, Susie was angry that she was killed. She wished she was still alive. Her murderer was evil and selfish, and it is sad that she had to suffer the consequences. Her death was gruesome as she was beaten and raped by an individual much stronger and more barbaric.

Dealing with Grief in the Lovely Bones

He took something very special and sacred to her, and turned it into something terrifying. Harvey had forced inside me.

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Inside my head I said the word gentle, and then I said the word man. Susie explains how scared she was, and how disgusting and disappointing it was to have her perspective on intimacy changed.

by Alice Sebold

They had to undergo great heartache and struggle for no reason. They broke down in more ways than one. Their recovery was a long and gruelling process. It is for this reason that both Hamlet and Susie are so strongly committed to having their killers feel the same pain as them. They have strong desires for their murderers to be killed also.

The Lovely Bones (Scene Analysis)

King Hamlet demands his son to murder his killer so that he can move forward and cope with his death. He felt very betrayed by his brother, who stole his throne and wife. If thou hast nature in thee, bear it not. But, howsoever thou pursuest this act, Taint not thy mind, nor let thy soul contrive Against thy mother aught. Leave her to heaven And to those thorns that in her bosom lodge To prick and sting her. Susie also tries to cope with her death from heaven. She despises her killer for all that he has done to her and those around her.

She feels he must die for her to be able to move on. The death of Mr. Harvey would signifie closure for Susie. Like King Hamlet, Susie thinks that it is only if her murderer is killed that she will find peace and be able to move on. Harvey dead and me living. Susie explains that her experience was traumatic and unsettling.

This further explores the relation between Hamlet and The Lovely Bones, as both protagonists explain how their murders took place and showing more relevance to why they hated their killers so much. The only sound I made after that was the weak tinkling of bells. This upset Susie because she feared Mr. She wanted Harvey dead and found it to be very unfair that he continued to live instead of her.

the lovely bones essay conclusion The lovely bones essay conclusion
the lovely bones essay conclusion The lovely bones essay conclusion
the lovely bones essay conclusion The lovely bones essay conclusion
the lovely bones essay conclusion The lovely bones essay conclusion
the lovely bones essay conclusion The lovely bones essay conclusion
the lovely bones essay conclusion The lovely bones essay conclusion

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