Difference between beowulf book and movie essay

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Another theme covered in the poem is the traditional funeral of that time. Both the movie and poem start with the funeral of the king which is described very vividly. As it is written in Beowulf , the warrior and king are set a float with all the possessions and then the raft is set on fire. Afterwards the great feast comes to celebrate the death of the old ruler and the life of the new ruler. It seems that joy and sorrow stand at one line. Further, the personality of Beowulf is depicted differently in the poem compared to the movie.

Book to Movie Comparison

For example, Beowulf has led his warriors in the search for glory not because of his desire to be good and decided to help the town only because this act will add up fame in his life. When the monsters come, all of them depict the excellent bravery and try to fight them off, but the only success is cutting of the arm of one monster.

In the movie Buliwyf is represented to be more positive hero than in the poem. According to the poem, Beowulf was looking for fame and recognition while in the movie Buliwyf is more courageous and his primary intention is to help, not become famous. Thus, Beowulf kills Grendel with his bare hands, unarmed, while Buliwyf is supported with his warriors.

Comparing Beowulf and The 13th Warrior - Book vs Movie

However, the courage of these strong men is nothing in comparison with the fighting abilities of Beowulf. When he meets with the monster, he shows immediate success.

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These scenes are exactly the same in the movie. Beowulf is undoubtedly depicted as the hero Grigsby, in the poem as well as in the movie. Further in the movie, the warriors start to prepare for the return of other monsters. Surprisingly for the bang, more monsters with greater destructive power come. She is depicted even fiercer than her son. Honor and courage are two of the major themes in both the movie and the poem. The honor and courage are demonstrated in the movie when warriors are battling Vendel and then when they go to fight the Queen and in the poem when Beowulf is fighting with Grendel and then with his mother.

For example, one of the possible reasons why Beowulf travels to Dane with the intention to help is due to his bonds in ancestry. The same situation is in the movie when Buliwyj with his men goes to the village to help.

One of the most important differences found in the movie and poem comparison is the representation of the team work and importance of being the part of the group. Fighting with the monster Wendol is not only about the courage of Buliwyf, it is about the group effort.

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The theme of revenge is presented both in the movie and in the poem. More important, she kills him not because Beowulf has killed her son, but because he was very important to her.

The person she valued the most was killed and for this reason she killed the person who was most valued by Beowulf. The theme of revenge is not some much evident in the movie, while in the poem it plays an important role.

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In the epic, Beowulf constantly talks about fate and glory and how he will die for his people. In the film, he has one long speech, but does not present his values and goals nearly as much as he does in the epic. Such people are not going to want to sit through a polite speech about Beowolf's values, mission, and detials of his ancestry. I think the director probably also understands that a lot of highschool students mostly boys are going to watch his movie instead of reading the book for English class so he throws some sexual references and drunkeness in the beginning to entertain them and keep them watching.

The film is fitting with many people's view of the "dark ages"--a basically barbaric and crude kind of life compared to our own. Beowulf's character is depicted differently in the epic and in the movie. In the epic he honors the king and shows loyalty to his father, which is important in the Anglo-Saxon culture.

In the epic, his speech praises Hrothgar and shows he is respecting the king. In the movie, he does not look too highly upon Hrothgar, as he is a poor leader always drinking. Beowulf does not speak too much about his father and points out only his own achievements.

The differences between Beowulf movie and text | Nullius In Verba

Beowulf makes little reference to his aspirations in the film, besides killing Grendel. There is alot of sex, drinking, and lewd behavior. The director had alot of fun while making this comic "film". In the movie, Hrothgar is a drunk, lives slovenly and overall acts in a crude manner.

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In the epic, he is very important to the people and they think very highly of him. In the movie, Beowulf makes one self promoting speech, while in the epic he references his own achievements on various occasions. In general, the movie and the epic differ because they cater to an audience with different values. Boasting of your bravery and courage are very typical of the Anglo-Saxons. He fled in fear the fatal scourge, seeking shelter, a sinful man, and entered in. At the awful sight. A sinful man in the translation above referred to the man who stole the treasure, not to Beowulf like in the movie version.

In the text translation, it is told that Finn, a Frisian chieftain, had been slain by Guthlaf and Oslaf in his home. It is contrary with the movie version. Instead of been slain, Finn was released by Beowulf and was given some gold for his journey to home. The burg was reddened with blood of foemen, and Finn was slain, king amid clansmen; the queen was taken. Posted 30 September by Rizal in Essays. Tagged with anglo-saxon , beowulf , dragon , epic poem , grendel , survey of english literature: up to 17th century. Subscribe to comments with RSS. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Then Beowulf came as king this broad realm to wield; and he ruled it well fifty winters, a wise old prince, warding his land, until One began After fifty winters he became a king, his land was attacked by a dragon. At the awful sight A sinful man in the translation above referred to the man who stole the treasure, not to Beowulf like in the movie version.

difference between beowulf book and movie essay Difference between beowulf book and movie essay
difference between beowulf book and movie essay Difference between beowulf book and movie essay
difference between beowulf book and movie essay Difference between beowulf book and movie essay
difference between beowulf book and movie essay Difference between beowulf book and movie essay
difference between beowulf book and movie essay Difference between beowulf book and movie essay

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