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Strong Essays words 4 pages. The gifted teacher needs to come to realize that all students in her classroom need to have feeling of comfort within the classroom Strong Essays words 2 pages. The therapist, special education needs assistant, special educational needs teacher, dinner supervisor, caretaker, support assistant and school receptionist should treat people well and this implies having a duty of care for clients and helping them achieve their highest potential.

A practical reason for treating people well are that clients who are well treated tend to behave agreeably and cooperatively Strong Essays words 6.

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Each and every child is naturally unlike. They are particularly special in their own way with a different combination of characteristics that forms their individual personas. Some can even be ahead of their assignments as it occurs to be easier for these Strong Essays words 3. I the researcher Evin Khalil have collected information as to why teachers and teacher aids have chosen to work with special needs children and or work in special education.

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The research that has been collected has been endeavored upon the retrieval of why they want to work with special needs students and special education. This may make the children begin to lose concentration and become bored with the task reducing stimulation.

In the case of special education and elementary students, many of these students already have a harder time learning from traditionally designed curriculum. If teachers utilize technology to customize curriculums for their special needs students, they will find greater success in teaching. Assistive technology is something many special education teachers use in order to help a child learn.

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Audiobooks are an excellent example of how technology helps a student that may have difficulty reading or a visual disability, still learn with ease. In this qualitative case study, I interviewed 15 special education teachers from 15 various elementary schools within Miami-Dade County, Florida. Because attitudes and perceptions play such a major role in teachers using or not using technology in the classroom, this study examined the attitudes and perceptions of 15 special education teachers as it relates to technology integration in their daily instruction.

The participants were chosen from K-5 schools within the Miami-Dade school district. Although the district has elementary schools and many have integrated technology successfully, the need to assess daily integration and attitudes of technology integration have not been fully discussed. Special education teachers in an urban K-5 school district have problems with fully integrating technology into their daily instruction.

This is not just a problem seen in Florida but across the country. While some schools use tablets, video or virtual conferencing, and assistive technology like audiobooks, some schools have remained with the traditions and beliefs of the past. Special education is an area that needs a higher level of technology integration. Special needs students may not have the ability to go to school every day or learn effectively from traditional instruction methods. Technology may enable more options for special needs students that were not possible before.

Research shows teachers may not willingly integrate technology into their daily instruction because of certain attitudes and perceptions. These attitudes and perceptions often come from lack of training.

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In order for schools to integrate technology more effectively, they must first train teachers on how to use technology in their classroom. Special education teachers already struggle with the current responsibilities of teaching students with varied problems and impairments. They need further training to understand how to implement technology to help students learn. Aside from training, schools must evaluate how well special education teachers handle the integration of technology and if such integration improves student learning outcomes.

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With schools requiring students to perform well in order to receive government funding No Child Left Behind Act , it became increasingly important to see positive test results from students. If technology integration proves students learn more and thus score better on standardized tests, this will provide proof that technology integration should be the main focus. Assessment is an important part of any change. Assessing the results of technology integration in several ways will allow for accurate interpretation. By evaluating the responses of special education teachers and their attempts at technology integration in their daily instruction, this will provide a better picture of the struggles and ways to remove such barriers.

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Teachers and students stand to benefit from full technology integration. Through assessment and analysis, schools can achieve positive outcomes. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to examine how K-5 special education teachers in Miami Dade County perceived the process of technology integration within their school district and school.

One special education teacher from 15 elementary schools in Miami Dade County were observed then interviewed to collect qualitative data concerning perceptions of technology integration into daily instruction. As one study noted, ease of use promotes good attitudes with change and integration when it comes to special education teachers and technology. The research method for this case study was qualitative. Qualitative information provides clarity on complex and hard to interpret problems. By examining how special education perceive technology integration, assumptions were either refuted or supported.

One assumption is teachers who have negative attitudes towards technology integration is due to lack of training. By interviewing special education teachers and analyzing their responses, the lack of training can either be confirmed or removed as a potential main barrier. Miami Dade County is one of the largest when it comes to school districts. To examine qualitatively the effectiveness of technology integration is a great way to see the effectiveness of the schools within the district.

How do special education teachers in Miami Dade County public elementary schools perceive the process of technology integration as it related to daily instruction? How do special education teachers in Miami Dade County public elementary schools implement technology within their daily instruction? What barriers if any, prevent special education teachers in Miami Dade County public elementary schools from successful technology integration?

Many conceptual frameworks exist to help understand actions and problems within society. For the purposes of this qualitative case study, the conceptual framework uses was TPACK or technological pedagogical content knowledge. Although a relatively new framework, it has helped influence theory, research, as well as practice in relation to teacher professional development and teacher education. The TPACK framework enables teachers to consider technology application in their design thinking processes. Shulman stated information of a content or subject area void of pedagogical skill would not help in developing good teachers.

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Koehler and Mishra expounded upon this statement by explaining and adding the technological component and making the technological component, the main component. Findings from the qualitative study will provide clarity on what may cause lack of technology integration for special education teachers. Negative beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes on technology affect technology integration for special education teachers. Study findings may lead to improvement in strategies adopted to increase technology integration among special education teachers.

Participants in the qualitative case study may either support technology integration or go against technology integration. The current body of research will provide supplementary information to guide the process of evaluation. Several limitations exist within this qualitative case study. The first is researcher bias and its potential influence on examination and interpretation of study findings.

To reduce such a limitation, no interference was given when asking questions to participants. Participants were given objective questions free from personal bias that were then answered with no cues or interjections. The second limitation was the limited range of potential participants. Only special education teachers in public elementary schools were selected.

For example, a deaf student might have a sign language teacher go with them to sign what people are saying and the student can then understand the curriculum being taught. Another example is that a student with communicative delays might have to take an hour speech class with a speech therapist each day. Another example is physical therapy every day for a student who is delayed in physical developments. Each of these different scenarios will be guidelined on a specific IEP.

It is important to realize that IEPs can change and that some students will be considered delayed for their entire education while others may only be delayed for a short time. Each student and each disability is different. Therefore teachers must react to each student differently and teach them accordingly Bagnato, There are many educational programs, services, and early intervention priorities available for students with special needs.

The school has many different professional on hand to help each student with their individual needs. For example, a student with emotional issues can visit the school counselor. A student with a communicative delay might spend time with the school speech teacher. Physical and occupational therapists are also in the school system to help students with special needs.

Educators want the students to succeed and the same rings true for special needs students. There are multiple resources available to assist them in their educational goals Bagnato, Some strengths that occur when assessing and intervening in early childhood education is the early recognition. Students that are assessed and determined to have delays during early childhood are more likely to outgrow the delays.

Early recognition creates quicker fixes. For example, teachers can better teach a student if they know their limitations. For example, a teacher would not write on the board for a blind student because that student cannot see the board. You do not want to spend the entire year writing on the board to realize at the end that that particular student learned nothing because they could not see it.

Early assessments save time. Students will be farther ahead and teachers can better fit the curriculum to meet the needs of the class. Assessments can also help to place students in age appropriate… Show More. Related Documents: Special Education Essay.

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Essay writing for special education

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