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Agamemnon has his men bring Helen to his throne and orders her to kneel at his feet. He orders Agamemnon to leave his wife alone, but his brother pays no mind to his commands and continues to rape Helen. The next morning, as the Greek soldiers ravage the ruins of Troy of its riches and its people as slaves, Clytemnestra arrives in the royal palace of Troy, where she ventures into the royal pool. Agamemnon relaxes in triumph, while Helen lies in a corner, not saying a word.

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Clytemnestra covers her sister with a robe and sends her away, leaving her Clytemnestra alone with Agamemnon. She tells him she comes for their daughter, Iphigenia. When Agamemnon replies that she is not here, Clytemnestra, having figured out herself, throws a net on her husband and stabs him to death. Helen wanders woefully through the ruined city, finally coming to the spot where Paris was slain.

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There, she sees an apparition of Paris and they embrace. Helen begs Paris to take her with him to the afterlife, and he tells her that he has prepared a place for her, but she must wait until it is her time.

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He disappears, and Menelaus crosses her path, sword in hand. Helen prepares for her punishment, but Menelaus can do nothing but feel sorry for her. The two head back to the Greek ships, ready to live the rest of their lives as King and Queen of Sparta. In my English class, were reading the Odyssey, and it says that a man named Aegis thus killed Agamemnon, when he returned home, but in this movie, it shows Agamemnon in Troy, and his wife kills him. Though I think it was good. Achilles is popularly believed to have long flowing hair; in this movie he was completely bald.

It really bothered me that he killed Hector by trickery on the movie also, which definitely was far from the case in the Iliad. Also in this movie Prince Paris defeats Hector in a friendly combat battle, which is utter nonsense because Paris was far from a great warrior on the battlefield, Hector on the other hand was the greatest in Troy. Paris was made out to be a huge hero in this movie that was hard to stomach. These are just some of the major differences from the Iliad.

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Agamemnon had recently. Film Review Sheet I.

Introduction Troy directed by Wolfgang Petersen and was is written by David Benioff is a American epic period war film released in The movie length is minutes. It is loosely based on Homer 's Iliad in its narration of the entire story of the decade-long Trojan War - condensed into little more than a couple of weeks - rather than just the quarrel between Achilles and Agamemnon in the ninth year.

Achilles leads his Myrmidons along with the rest of the Greek army invading. Did the movie Troy, released in , accurately depict the story of Homer's epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey, and was it a good movie from a critical point of view?

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  • I think it was a good movie from an entertainment standpoint, but it fell short in it's comparison to Homer's epics. As a fan of "epic" movies, I have watched the movie Troy a couple of times. In comparing the movie to the epic, there are various discrepancies between. The movie falls under the genres of drama, mystery and thriller.

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    All the three genres provide the viewers with incomplete information adding to the suspense of the movie. According to the Hill , suspense is an external environmental stimulus. One of the last scenes in the movie The Odyssey, you can see the same oak tree bloom and expands more when he return form his journeys. Also in the book, film, and movie Penelope was making a blanket to stall some time from her suitors and waited for Telepaths to return with some news of Odysseus.

    Some of the main points that the movie focuses on are a more complex form of summary. This essay would go into. This is most unlikely The whole movie shows their battle struggles and the foreshadowing of fate in this remake by Wolfgang Petersen Your UKEssays purchase is secure and we're rated 4. Loading Unsubscribe from Sinthia Moonfire? Cancel Unsubscribe. Troy Movie - Extended Part This movie re-enacts the legend of the Trojan War in B. Historical Review: Troy; the Good, the Bad and People paused to observe single combats between the heroes and the movie does a great job of showing the drama.

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    Troy cuddles with her, Movie reviews. Reviews; Great Movies;. Unlike a movie review, which only requires you to view a movie and share what you thought of it, How to Write a Film Analysis Essay.. Read Common Sense Media's Troy review, age rating, and parents guide.. Related Posts: Essays on aggression and violence Re application essays 2 paragraph essay graphic organizer Gawain and the green knight.

    troy film analysis essays Troy film analysis essays
    troy film analysis essays Troy film analysis essays
    troy film analysis essays Troy film analysis essays
    troy film analysis essays Troy film analysis essays
    troy film analysis essays Troy film analysis essays
    troy film analysis essays Troy film analysis essays

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