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The topic for the essay competition was: 'Is public health a surgical concern?

Medical Student Essay Prize

The role of the surgeon in promoting healthy lifestyles'. Short-listed candidates were invited to give a five minute presentation on "The Role of Social Media for Modern Surgeons". Read a report of the prize day written by the joint second prize winners. Many medical schools and surgical societies also run competitions for students.

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Account login Welcome to the RCS website. Show password. Reset Password. Nav Login. Please enter both an email address and a password. Account login Email. Need to reset your password? You must complete the process within 2hrs of receiving the link. Password Reset Email. We've sent you an email An email has been sent to Simply follow the link provided in the email to reset your password. My time spent studying medicine has fuelled my enthusiasm for teaching and has shown me the benefits of teamwork in a pressured system.

I consider continued learning one of the factors that make medicine so rewarding. During my first year I have been involved in the role of an Advanced Student Academic Representative, liaising closely with the Medical School department heads to improve the delivery, structure and content of the first year modules.

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Also, as President of UCL Nepalese Society, I am able to demonstrate my leadership and management skills and work with committee members to organise and manage events and the society. As a member of the BMA, I am keen on updating my knowledge on the current affairs of the medical sector. In my spare time, I enjoy playing badminton and cooking as a way of keeping active and de-stressing. Having contributed as a student reviewer in the upcoming Orthopaedic X-Ray book, I am keen to contribute my skills in medical education.

I am also currently actively involved in a research project involving T1 mapping of inflammation in cardiac MRI. Before starting medical school, I always had an interest in research and it was something I wanted to carry on doing whilst studying medicine. This is where I came across essay competitions and it is something I find very stimulating, challenging and very manageable. It provides me with an opportunity to express myself and carry out research which may be beneficial to someone somewhere. Microbiology, Infectious Disease and Epidemiology are a few areas that have recently piqued my interest, which is why I decided to write my essay on antibiotic resistance.

"I think I might have..."

As an aspiring medical doctor, I strive towards opportunities in order to supplement my knowledge beyond the standard syllabuses. I also enjoy researching a variety of fields within medicine and the sciences in general, as well as playing the piano and the violin in my spare time. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A-level. I am currently volunteering in a care home and this has helped me to understand some of the reoccurring issues in modern medicine that I have talked about in my essay.

In my spare time I like to play football, hockey and cricket as well as playing the piano and the clarinet. The first prize winners will receive a complete set of books from the Unofficial Guide Series, and the opportunity to become an author with us. I am in my research phase at the Babraham Institute whilst continuing medical education. My current ambition is to become a clinician-scientist, taking the best of both worlds! I have a particular interest in the development of novel cancer therapeutics. Having completed three years of medicine. I have interests in both medical education and health policy, hence why this essay was something that intrigued me!

In July I graduated with a B. Sc in Mathematics from Southampton, and I enjoyed education so much, that within 2 months I was back in full time lectures. Although I feel that hoping there is some time off in there too, might be setting my hopes too high. I am currently taking time away from medicine to complete an intercalated masters program.

While this is certainly proving to be a challenging endeavour, I am enjoying the research exposure that is on offer. In terms of my future career, I have yet to decide on one particular speciality. In fact, I tend to enjoy all parts of the medical course…well, nearly all of them! Alongside medicine, my other thriving passions include music and drama! In my spare time I am a member of the University of Sheffield Triathalon club.

I enjoy participating in activities both inside and outside the medical school and have helped out in a few events organised by the Dundee Malaysian Society DUMAS. Apart from academics, I especially enjoy listening to the oldies, reading fantasy novels and playing sports. I hope to study Medicine at University. I particularly enjoy Human Biology and learning about diseases and their cures. Outside of lessons, I enjoy competing in Athletics, playing the violin, piano and singing, and volunteering in my local area at a Care Home and with disabled children. I intend to pursue a career in medicine in the future and specialise in Paediatrics.

I am employed as a pharmacy sales assistant and I also enjoy volunteering at my local hospital and care home. I want to study medicine so that I can care for those who are at their most vulnerable. I love the satisfaction of helping people and I know medical school will give me the skills to do so. I believe there is so much more research still to be done. In medicine you see the rewards of your labour unfold before your eyes and the field of expertise continually expands.

I am hoping to study Medicine at university and become a doctor. I chose this title after having shadowed an anaesthetist which has given me a particular interest in anaesthetics and surgery. I would like to study Medicine at university and specialise in Infectious Diseases. Outside of school I enjoy playing the piano and volunteering at my local hospital and church. In fact, we had such a hard time choosing the winners, that we decided to award prizes to essays which were highly commended as well!

My name is Akua Crankson and I am 17 years old. I hope to study medicine at university and specialise in Geriatrics. In my spare time I enjoy playing the clarinet and volunteering at my local hospital. My name is Mehnaz Khan. I am 17 years old and am currently studying mathematics, chemistry and biology at a level. I absolutely love biology, learning about the human body and about all the complex yet fascinating wonders of medical science.


I enjoy reading, playing the violin and trying different types of tea especially Earl Grey. I enjoy working with my hands so after first training as a physiotherapist, I returned to school to study medicine and am hoping to specialise in surgery.

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Which kind? When I am not freaking out about becoming an intern or trying to get into yet another surgery, I enjoy shooting and catching up with friends. Thanks for reading and enjoy! Having just completed the BMedSci part of her degree Ellie is looking forward to beginning the clinical phase, starting working on the wards and hopefully finding the field of medicine she wants to specialise in. Cookies will not run on this website until you 'Accept' them. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.

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uk medical student essay prizes Uk medical student essay prizes
uk medical student essay prizes Uk medical student essay prizes
uk medical student essay prizes Uk medical student essay prizes
uk medical student essay prizes Uk medical student essay prizes
uk medical student essay prizes Uk medical student essay prizes
uk medical student essay prizes Uk medical student essay prizes
uk medical student essay prizes Uk medical student essay prizes

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