Rubric for grading college research papers


One suggestion is to develop rubrics for just one or two assignments in your course and see how that goes.

Understanding An Essay Grading Rubric

Asking colleagues if they have used rubrics in their courses may also be helpful — it may be possible to use a rubric that a colleague has already developed. While rubrics can be extremely useful and helpful in assessing student work, Selke , chapter 4 also points out that not every type of student work requires a rubric. For instance, multiple choice exams do not require a rubric, and rubrics may not be appropriate for certain types of student self-assessment. For instance, the rubric for assessing a formal paper would be quite different from the rubric for a student poster or lab report.

The rubric for a formal paper might award points for particular aspects of the paper.

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For example, depending on what the instructor wants to see the students achieving in their papers, any of the following elements plus many others could be detailed in the rubric, with particular numeric values:. The rubric consists of three essential elements — the Category Descriptions, the Definitions within the category, and the Weighting Criteria.

What is the purpose of rubrics?

For each category, you will also need to define what you are looking for within every increment of the Weighting Criteria. As an example, using the categories noted above, you have decided that the weighting scale for the assignment is 5 points for each category, so your scale results in a matrix looking like this:.

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Within this rubric, you will need to describe each category, along with defining the weighting within each category. For instance, you might describe your category as follows:.

How to Create a Rubric in 6 Steps

Background Research involves the ability to uncover, analyse and synthesize the breadth and depth of the topic through the use of contemporary text and journal literature, beyond the readings assigned for the course. Once each category has been described, you can then define the Weighting Criteria.

For the Background Research example, you might weight it as follows:.

Grading rubric science research paper

However, because the individual numbers are not described, a minimal rubric provides little guidance [and] many students are still likely to ask why they got a [particular grade]. Having more complete definitions of your Weighting Criteria assures more consistent grading from TAs and also from yourself. We have all experienced the situation where grading becomes either more lenient or more restrictive as the number of papers graded increases and we lose some of our focus for the task.

Assignment Sequence Recommendations

Having the weighting criteria well defined helps to avoid inconsistent grading and the clarity provided by the rubric helps to maintain focus and keep the grading on track. After you have scored all the student work using the rubric, the final step is to convert your scoring to the grade system required by your university. She cautions that, for individual assignments, a simple or formulaic mathematical approach to rubric score conversions is often not effective.

Rather, the instructor should determine what range of rubric scores is equivalent to an A, B, C etc. Breaking the rubric scores into ranges can be equated to a desirable letter or percentage grade, even though, strictly mathematically, the grade produced would be different. This gives the instructor more control over deciding the ultimate grade value for rubric scores, given whatever is appropriate within the learning objectives for the assignment. Selke, M.

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Assignments, Rubrics, Grading. High-stakes assignments, sample rubrics, and grading policy information. Assignment Sequence Recommendations English is a composition course that uses literary texts. Then, examine a connection that exists between the three poems. Finally, identify which literary devices for poetry were used to create each poem, how they were used, and explain why you think each poet chose the genre of poetry for expressing their ideas.

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Select a specific theme that is common to two stories we have encountered this semester, and then compare and contrast how the theme is explored in each text. For example, what might Nathaniel Hawthorne and Shirley Jackson be telling us about our cultural reliance on ritual and blind faith? What are Charles Johnson and Ralph Ellison saying about the pernicious influence of racial inequality? What can be made if the inextricable relationship between the past and present in William Faulkner and Michael Bishop, or Annie Proulx and Steven Millhauser?

In an essay of between three and four pages, compare and contrast at least two of the following poems, exploring images and ideas about the relationships between parents and children as you make these connections: "wishes for sons" Lucille Clifton; "Those Winter Sundays" Robert Hayden;"The Possessive" Sharon Olds; "Metaphors" Sylvia Plath.

What Is a Rubric?

What are the authors ultimately telling us about the impact that racism can have on our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors? Connecting the Literature to Texts Within Other Disciplines After giving an interpretation of both "Metaphors" by Sylvia Plath and "The Mother" by Gwendolyn Brooks, draw a relationship between the poems and the short story "Hills Like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway, and discuss the conflict between the two main characters in the short story. Last, review the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision and examine the decisions of the speakers in the poems and the characters in the short story as if they had made them after the Supreme Court decision.

Provide cited textual references to support your ideas. Using "The Things They Carried," by Tim O'Brien, and the class handout "Illumination Rounds" from "Dispatches" by Michael Herr, write a page piece that investigates how soldiers in Vietnam dealt with their fears and hopes when they were in battles or at war in general.

Discuss what soldiers did and how they behaved under the pressures of fear and panic. What kinds of things did they wish for? Find textual evidence of how they revealed their true feelings, and how they hid them. Use both texts to flesh out your paper and provide an informed discussion. In a paper of roughly four pages, I would like you to discuss how the critical reading of ONE non-literary work impacts your reading and interpretation of ONE of the following literary works that we have been discussing in class.

Please be sure to discuss with me the appropriateness of sources you are considering.

For this paper, I ask that you do not use literary criticism. In other words, do not research the use of metaphor in "Sonny's Blues," for instance, or the symbolism in "The Yellow Wallpaper. Research Paper For this final research project, I am asking that you write a research paper of roughly 6 pages based on your reading of either "A Doll's House" or "Antigone. For example your frame might be the roles and rights of women in the era of the play.

rubric for grading college research papers Rubric for grading college research papers
rubric for grading college research papers Rubric for grading college research papers
rubric for grading college research papers Rubric for grading college research papers
rubric for grading college research papers Rubric for grading college research papers
rubric for grading college research papers Rubric for grading college research papers

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